Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Apparently I cannot post photos. I believe it is because our server at work has some sort of setting to make the internet connection slower so as to discourage people from doing non-work related things like posting photos and streaming porn.

I'll have to post my Batmobile photo from home later.

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Funny

Back in the old days, my thing used to be the "Commute Song" of the day. My work commute was about 4-5 minutes so it was long enough to hear one song. Now I drive 45 minutes so it is no longer something worth doing. I usually listen to podcasts in the car now anyway.

I know one of Steve's things is the "Commuter of the Day." I don't want to step on that idea, but I think I am going to start posting pictures of messed up cars I see around here. The diversity of the people in this area certainly leads to interesting choices. Last week, I saw a "Superman" car parked in front of someone's house. Somewhere I saw a "Batman" car. I have already discussed the Oscar the Grouch and Hawaiian Punch cars. These are never commuting anywhere when I see them though. They are always just parked. Going forward, I am going to try to start capturing some of the "unique" cars in the Shreveport area.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ok, I saw where BRazil is thinking about giving homeless people mobile phones. I think this is a great idea if we then turn them into crimefighters. For every mugging, theft, or robbery they thwart using the phone, they get a free meal. For every murder they thwart they even get dessert.