Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rodneysdad, continued

Sorry about the letdown here. I know I said I would write about Heather and Rodneysdad but I kind of got bored with the story.

He told her that she had been mean to him every since she thought he put an ironing board in our driveway 2 years ago.

“How do you know I thought YOU put it there, Joe?” she asked.
“Because it was thrown in my yard,” he answered. “I didn’t put it there, but I know who did.”
“Who put it there?” She asked.
“Oh, I am not going to tell you that now. You have been mean to me. I have never had any problems with people complaining about the fence line until now. I have always gotten along with all the neighbors.”
“Joe we asked you to cut it last year, and earlier this year. The old woman in the wheelchair who lived here before us said she asked you to cut it 10 years ago and you told her that you grew it so you wouldn’t have to look at her ugly shed.”
“Yeah, I did say that. Bill on the other side never complained.”

I stepped in and said, “No, Joe, instead he built an 8 foot high wood fence on that one side of his yard.”
“Oh, you don’t know anything. You have not been here very long,” he told me.
“Joe, I can see the fence and that they only built it on one side of their back yard.”

Heather resumed, “They built it because you have the ugliest house and yard on the goddamned block.”

It went on from there, but you get the idea. It was good times. Let’s just say that it pretty much ended with Heather telling him he was a liar and a crazy old man with mental problems.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


For years and years, the fence line in the back yard has been a problem here. You see our neighbor Joe, Rodney's Dad, is an asshole. He lets the bushes and weeds grow up so high through and over the fence that it is virtually impossible to keep under control.

The picture above is the "before" picture.

We have asked him a few times to clean it up so that the weeds aren't encroaching 5-6 feet over our fence. He did clean it up one time about a year ago but generally he does nothing with it. To make matters worse, he is only there about one weekend a month as he lives with his lady friend in Arkansas. We can't ask him to clean it even if we wanted to.

About a month ago, Heather got sick of asking him and seeing nothing done so she called the city. The city has all kinds of ordinances about how tall your grass can be and stuff like that so they said they would come out to look at it. With them being the City of Shreveport, we figured that meant they would do nothing and wait until we called again.

We did not see them show up at first, but we found out they did when Rodney's Dad showed up and he was pissed off at us. He had received a certified letter basically telling him he had 2 weeks to get it cleaned up or face a fine and the cost of the city to clean it up for him. Because his mail is forwarded, he got the letter 2 days before the deadline and had to drive down from Arkansas and spend two solid days in 100 degree heat cleaning up his yard. He could have paid a yard guy a couple hundred bucks to do it but he is too cheap.

By the time he was done working on it, he was good and mad when he decided to confront Heather. That was not a good idea.

To be continued...