Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Quick Hits

1. I should be working
2. I care less about the Red Sox than usual. I think I will watch if they make it to the World Series... but beyond that, I make no promises. It is hard to follow a team from far away.
3. I am looking forward to the Celtics season. They added some good players and they started out 29-2 last year. Garnett may or may not be healthy, but for now I will be optimistic.
4. I really should be working.
5. I am proud to say that I have never watched an episode of "Dancing With the Stars" from start to finish.
6. I am ashamed to say that I watch four consecutive episodes of "Sex Decoy Love Stings" the other night and liked it.
7. I never update my facebook status because I always figure nobody cares what I am thinking or doing.
8. Sweatfest survived the loss of Matt17 as its organizer but could not overcome the loss of JS... unless it was conducted somewhere else without my knowledge.
9. I really really should be working.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Make Those Rims Shine, Ms. New Booty

The other day I drove by a place called "Get it Rite, Get it Tite Detail'n."

I have not written much lately and sometimes I feel like I am lacking in creativity or ambition or some other thing I haven't the energy to think of.

Sometimes I think that the stuff I see in the world is just so much more funny than anything I could hope to write.

There are lots of things I see around here which need to be documented with photos but when I weigh that need against my need to not get my ass kicked if I am seen taking said photo, I usually refrain.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9

September has always been my favorite month, at least ever since I can remember being old enough not to strictly judge a month based on how many presents people were obligated to give me during that month.

September 9, 1997 was a great day for me. I had passed the bar exam the previous year and had been working at a law firm for several months. Me and several coaches that I had worked with before had left the local YMCA to coach our own swim team. We were finally going to be able to coach the kids without the politics of the YMCA getting in the way. We had tryouts the previous weekend and the turnout had been good.

I don't remember much about September 9, 1997 specifically. I might have had to go to court that day. I might have been at the Federal Building meeting with a Bankruptcy Trustee. I don't remember what I did or who I did it with, but my life would change dramatically that day even if I didn't know it yet.

On September 9, 1997, over 1500 miles away from the three bedroom apartment I shared with my brother and my friend, my son was born.

Brandon's mother and father were in West Monroe, Louisiana. It was a town of which I had never heard. I certainly knew nothing of this new baby until almost 9 years later.

Brandon is a great kid. He is smart. He is funny. He is challenging... and never boring. He tries my patience, but has proven to me time and time again that I am capable of seemingly infinite patience and understanding at times.

As a 26 year old attorney filing divorces and bankruptcies, I was a pretty bitter and cynical guy in 1997. I was cynical when I didn't even yet know about what to be cynical. Some time after that, I learned to have a better attitude. I learned to be more tolerant. These traits are necessary for any good parent to possess.

Every day, I am so thankful that Brandon is in my life now. I hope that he has a very happy 12th birthday today (even though we still have to talk about that note he lied about giving his teacher... .)